Automated Attendant

What is it? Why do I need one? An Automated Attendant serves as an automated receptionist that answers the phone and provides a personalised message to callers. Callers press the number that corresponds with their selection and are directed accordingly. Why do I need one? Automated attendants also give your customers a professional image of you. Especially…

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iPhone 13 And the Death of Innovation for Apple

The iPhone 13 is yet another small update gone are the new iPhone announcements of yesteryear where people would camp outside stores for weeks to get their hands on the latest and greatest as a fan of Tech and Innovation I stayed up till 3AM to watch the event live as I’ve done years prior expecting to witness some apple “courage” there were some cool leaks leading up to the event I was hearing…

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Cyber Security

#Cyber Security Recent ransomware attacks &the 4 reasons why attacks are becoming more frequent The importance of best practice cyber security This short clip from the Wall Street Journal describes how Colonial Pipelines, JBS Meat Plans & Brownsberg Public Library fell victim to ransomware attacks and the 4 main reasons they are getting more frequent.…

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  With TAX time almost here, there is an opportunity to start thinking of how your business survived over the last 12 months. How can my business function better, communicate better, be more productive and efficient? Now that the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be under control, or is it? How would my business survive if…

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Education Promo

I see in the Saturday Standard today a lot of people having issues with mobile internet signal and this is affecting their online learning. So I have put together a promo for our Cel Fi Go Signal Boosters that will solve a lot of these issues. If you think this might help you, please click…

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Tower Hill Free WiFi

WTC have recently installed an outdoor access point to enable Tower Hill to provide Free WiFi for their many international guests and also Admin wireless connectivity for the gift shop. When we were asked to provide a solution it was easy to recommend the Cambium E500 outdoor access point. We have used this brand for…

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Farm Technology

At WTC we have recently installed a farm wireless link and WiFi data network, enabling internet access to the main dairy computer and main house.  The need was to transfer real time data from the dairy network to the cloud, enabling the farm manager to access heard information on mobile aps 24/7. while also extending…

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NBN Changeover

Prepare your business for the NBN changeover at WTC. Drop in or give us a call to discuss your options such as what internet plan will be best for my business? Do I need a new phone system? Will the change over cause downtime? Can I keep my fax on the NBN? What are VoIP…

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