iPhone 13 And the Death of Innovation for Apple


The iPhone 13 is yet another small update gone are the new iPhone announcements of yesteryear where people would camp outside stores for weeks to get their hands on the latest and greatest as a fan of Tech and Innovation I stayed up till 3AM to watch the event live as I’ve done years prior expecting to witness some apple “courage” there were some cool leaks leading up to the event I was hearing rumours of satellite texting allowing you to contact emergency services from just about anywhere a fully portless design with them saying goodbye to the charging port and using magsafe and wireless charging finally getting USB-C and Reverse Wireless charging or even a always on display but sadly none of these came true and as the New iPhone hype left my body I realized this was yet another ‘S’ year with small changes and minor improvements it seems like every year has been an ‘S’ year the iPhone 12 was just a square iPhone 11 the iPhone 11 was just an XS with an ultrawide and the XS was literally an ‘S’ model 


Apple seems to be behind yet again with the biggest feature being an adaptive refresh rate screen with the ability to scale from 10Hz to 120Hz now don’t get me wrong I’m happy to have this feature, but the Razer Phon had this in 2017 Samsung devices got this feature in March last year there yet again late to this race. The iPad Pro also had this in 2017. However, don’t get me wrong this is going to make a difference to how the phone feels and responds to the users input these phones are going to fell faster and snappier than ever before paired with the A15 Bionic Chip those that are stuck in the apple ecosystem like myself are going to appreciate this feature I just wish we got it earlier. 


In a world were competitors are bending the laws of physics quite literally and sticking cameras under displays like the Samsung Z Fold 3, Apple still seem to be behind the 8ball opting instead for a 20% smaller notch they achieved this as far as I can tell by sliding the ear piece up higher on the phone it’s still larger than I would like in 2021 hell it was larger than I would like in 2019 If it wasn’t for how amazing FaceID is it would almost kill the deal Under screen cameras as seen on the Samsung Z Fold3 are in their infancy and is expensive and doesn’t have wide appeal nobody wants bad selfies not to mention that in order to put the camera under the screen you need to lower the resolution of that specific spot I’m not sure what the actual resolution is but you can easily differentiate pixels  


As always Apple made some amazing camera and hired 2x Oscar winning director Kathryn Bigelow known for the hurt locker (2008) to show off these features in the short film whodunnit with the main “focus” being the new cinematic mode which uses AI enabled Auto Focus allowing the device to adjust the focus on the camera to the shifting focus of the scene from person to animal to toasted sandwich it in typical apple fashion it looked beautiful and was better than anything I could shoot on the phone. They also announced that you can now shoot in Prores 4K 30FPS which is great and made them release a 1TB although it might take a while transferring data at the unimpressive USB 2.0 standards (480Mbps) yet another reason why they need to switch the iPhone to USB C they also allow for Macro Photography allowing focus from just 2CM away with the all new Ultrawide 120 degree f/1.8 Aperture camera I will be keen to see the DXOmark Score as the iPhone 12 Scored a very impressive 13 



In conclusion the iPhone 13 is a small update and unless your current phone is broken or getting old I would not suggest upgrading this year unless your name is Steven Soderbergh, and you really want to make another film shot entirely on iPhone. I will be looking forward to next year and hoping for a major refreshed design however if you are coming out of contract on your iPhone and are looking for a great value sim only plan look no further. WTCO offers great value plans with no lock in contract. call us on (03) 5560 3333 and speak to Liam to find the best Mobile plan for you