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A call flow is a road map of how your incoming calls are handled. Most small business only need a basic call flow.

for example.

If you only have one person to answer the phone you might just need simple park keys to handle multiple calls in busy times.

But even with basic call flows you still need to think about how your calls are handled for out of hours, public holiday dates aa well as staff days off.

Also take into consideration what happens when a call is missed or staff are busy, Will you allow these callers to have the option to leave a voicemail?

Same goes for out of hours, Voicemail or no voicemail? Will I divert to another number or simply have a message stating our business hours?

Other call flow options most businesses don’t consider is what happens if there is a power or internet outage?

Even issues with the service provider can pop up from time to time. What happens then? This is where you need to set your unreachable or failover destination.

So in the event nothing is working, you can still send calls to your mobile or other destination.

Ask Yourself

Barista woman taking orders over the phone at counter. Mature woman in grey apron writing on customer book while talking over phone in cafeteria. Waitress writing takeaway lunch while using telephone.

Do I really know how my business phone system works?

Is it working for my business?  

Am I getting the most out of it?

Is it value for money? 

Call Flow! What is that?? 

Automated Attendant! No Idea?

Did you know, most businesses these days just need a simple change to make all the difference? 



What is an Automated Attendant?

An Automated Attendant serves as an automated receptionist that answers the phone and provides a personalised message to callers. Callers press the number that corresponds with their selection and are directed accordingly.

What is a Hunt Group?

Automatically processes incoming calls to a group of extension numbers that are embedded in a single virtual extension. Incoming calls are cycled through the extensions until the call is connected.

What are Agent Groups?

Agent Groups or Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is a system that routes incoming calls to a specific group of agents. Before connecting a call to an agent, callers are placed in a queue, which allows agents to handle incoming calls without losing other waiting calls to busy signals or unanswered phones. While callers are waiting they hear music and pre-recorded announcements.

What are Service Flags?

Service flags give companies flexible methods for handling callers who call after normal business hours. These options include, Night service, Voicemail, A recording or re-divert calls from one location to another on certain days or times.

Why do I need call reports?

Daily call reports sent to your email provide valuable information on who is calling your company, how long they spend on hold, if they hang up, if the call goes unanswered and a range of other information.

Basic Call Flow Example

Why do I need to set this up for my business? We are just fine how things are.

You need to know who is contacting your business each day. And that each call is being handled according to your specific business process to ensure customer satisfaction.
If calls are going unanswered, hang up while on hold or are just spending way too much time on hold, how would you know this?
You would want to know who walks in the front door and that your customer service team help each customer, wouldn’t you?

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Example Call Flow


Head office has a local and 1300 number with Sydney office having a separate local number and the sales agent in Queensland, uses their personal mobile phone. 

So, 3 contact points and 3 opportunities to miss calls and never know it. 

Potentially costing $ via lost sales. 

Also, BYOD device of the sales person, what happens if or when they leave? All your valuable customer contacts go with them. Not to mention your sales person might be answering calls out of hours or worse not answering the call at all. 

You need visability of your business data! You need to know who called, when they called, who they spoke to. 

If you have no reliable communications system or are not using your existing one to its full potential you are missing out on your valuable customer data.


With some tweaks this customer can smooth out their call flow with an automated attendant and dialing options. Along with mobile apps for remote workers & call overflow when the sales agent is busy, ensuring no missed calls. Add an out of hours mailbox and nobody is taking calls when they are at the footy.

With our expert knowledge of phone systems and call flows, we can advise you on the best way to handle your calls in a professional manner to make the most of your business phone system investment.

At WTCO we provide the latest technology so you can future proof your investment. Add our ongoing support and advice and we will become your communications partner.

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