Define Your Needs & Goals

Where to start?

Start with an audit of your incoming and outgoing call volume.

How many calls are we getting per day?

Do we make a lot of outbound calls?

If you are making a lot of outbound calls, are they for sales, support or general business process or maybe even ineficient call handeling by staff. If it turns out to be we are calling too many clients back this tells you there is an urgent issue you need to get to the bottom of. 

Can your system be easily changed or upgraded to fix this?

Or maybe there just needs to be some extra staff training for call handling. Whatever the reason, the 1st step to truly define your needs and goals for your business is to monitor your call flow and how calls are being handled now.

You might find there is an easy inexpensive fix that results in a better customer experience.



What type of phones do i need?

After you have studied your call flow and have a clear understanding of how everything is working or NOT!

Write down your call flow diagram.

What is a call flow?

When you have done this you can now look at the type of phones needed. For example, your reception staff have a lot of speed dials needed for fast dialing of suppliers or frequently called numbers.

Depending on the number, you might need a DSS Consol. This is extra buttons attached to the main reception/admin phone.

You might also think about click to dial, so staff can quickly dial clients from your CRM or web search. This will require the extension to be paired with your PC.

Then we have other things to consider like headsets. Mono, Stereo, UC, ability to leave the desk while on the phone, brand and price just to name a few,

When you have all this completely clear and under control you can move onto other extensions like back office, warehouse, work from home/remote work situations.

This can all get very confusing 

This is why we offer our 1 hour FREE consultation to get you started on a successful upgrade of your communications systems & services. 

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