COVID-19 Has changed the way we communicate and now is the time to make sure business  systems are up to the task. WTCO with cloud hosted PBX & NEC business systems have the technology for now & the future.

Projects Completed

WTCO are trusted experts in multi site installations of VoIP systems. We partner with tier 1 network providers, this enables us to provide services such as our Connect You hosted PBX and Premium UC applications as well as sales and service of NEC phone systems.


We have installed systems in small schools with only a few handsets up to multi site IP systems, while at the same time provisioning the VoIP/SIP & NBN services and managing the cut over from existing providers. When we have an end to end view and management of the entire communications system, it just makes things easy for us and the client with one point of contact and no endless calls to tech support.

Mercy Regional College

Communications Upgrade


Mercy Regional College were left with no phones when the existing 20+ year old PBX died after a power outage. Restoring communications was an urgent priority as the administration staff were left with just a mobile phone to take calls. This also resulted in no communications with the classrooms.

Key Issues

1. Only a mobile phone to communicate.

2. No working phones in the entire school.

3. Operating on one phoneline

WTCO Solution

Install new NEC SV9100 PBX and handsets with a short lead time. Also at the same time resolve some existing problems with incoming calls not diverting to other lines when the main line is busy. To do this we installed a more reliable NBN internet connection and terminated our SIP lines directly onto the new PBX, this removed the need for the ATA/Modem configuration. Now the school has a seamless call flow.

Client Outcome

Communications back up with limited down time and an updated communications system that has been migrated from the existing 2 line modem set up from the existing provider. With the addition of the VoIP capability and IP handsets the school is now in the process of upgrading their 2nd campus PBX with extensions linked to the main site. Resulting in a completely centralised network and saving extra upgrade & install cost at the 2nd campus.

"Overall, very good, the upgrade has been quite seamless. The communication from WTC administration staff is excellent."

Business manager

St. John's Primary School

On time & on Budget


St.John’s Primary School were looking for a phone system provider to upgrade their existing system to intergrate with the data network and at the same time resolve issues with the legacy PBX. The existing PBX was due for upgrade and since being connected to the NBN network and the previous service provider ATA adapter not routing calls correctly, it was becoming a top priority to upgrade.

Key Issues

1. Incoming calls not all getting through

2. Not having the ability to transfer calls from all class rooms

3. Drop-outs, slow internet affecting calls

WTCO Solution

WTC provided a comprehensive upgrade strategy to resolve the pain points and integrate into the data network. Future proofing the phone system and providing connection to the PA system while operating our Connect You SIP Trunks over a 4G modem. 

Included in the strategy were other options to consider with the complete range of handsets available, this allowed the principal & business manager to mix & match handsets based on functionality and price, ensuring the hardware provided was suitable for each extension location and would fit into the budget.

We didn’t just provide a list of parts and a price, making the decision process easy.

Client Outcome

Happy customer, project completed on time and within budget.

All classrooms connected via existing infrastructure and calls to the main office handled without issues.