Mobile Plans SIM Only

Wide range of plan options for any device

Plans suited to the data demands of your business

More choice, plans can be used as mobile broadband for tablets, laptop or as a backup SIM in your modem.

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IDD to selected countries (calls/sms)**

Does not include video MMS*

See International calling section for list of countries**

One Off or Recurring Bolt-ons

Recurring bolt-ons available on Prima Mobile are perfect to cover that extra data you are expecting to use every month. It gives you from 1GB to 5GB of data every month to use in Australia.

Travel Pack Bolt-ons

International Roaming One-off bolt-ons available on Prima Mobile are perfect to get you more affordable data when you are roaming internationally, as 1MB of a Roaming bolt-on is around 10 times less expensive than the standard international data rates. It is charged at the moment of addition and immediately gives you data to be used in other countries

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