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Weather it’s a small CCTV system for the home or large multi site project.

With years of experience Warrnambool Telephone Company are able to give you the right advice on the equipment that best suits your site and budget.

The online viewing software allows the addition of your existing cameras to your new system, IP or coax. We are able to combine all on HD-CVI NVRs.

 What is HD-CVI?

 HD-CVI stands for High Definition Composite Video Interface, it is a CCTV transmission technology that allows high definition video to be transmitted over a coaxial cable of lengths up to 500 meters at 720p and 300 meters at 1080p with little or no latency.

HD-CVI avoids cross talk of CVBS and completely separates the brightness signal and hue signal, to enhance video quality.

HD-CVI comes in two versions 1920H (1920×1080) and 1280H (1280×720) resolutions; which are compatible with 1080p and 720p.

HD-CVI also allows multiple signals to be transmitted over one COAX cable, both audio signals and 2-way data communication signals are embedded in a blanking zone, which enhances synchronization with video signal; and supports a 44.1kHz sampling rate.

The forward and reverse data channels in the frame blanking zone, allow for two-way end-to-end transmission to support control features like camera configuration, camera focus, PTZ control and alarms all over a single COAX cable.

Tribrid HD Upgrade path
 Tribrids offer the most flexible path to HD currently available, allowing you to utilise your existing analogue cameras and coaxial cable infrastructure, while gradually replacing old SD analogue cameras with either HD-CVI or HD-IP camera when budgets become available.

Live Display & Recording

On the OM-3808S model

Realtime live display and recording of any mixture of Analogue, HD-CVI or IPC on the first 8 inputs and an additional 8 IP cameras on the next 8 logical channels, limited to 400FPS at 1080p globally.

Simultaneous playback up to 8 channels via local monitor.

On the OM-3816S model

Realtime live display of any mixture of Analogue, HD-CVI or IPC on the first 16 inputs and an additional 16 IP cameras on the next 16 logical channels, limited to 800FPS at 1080p globally.

Choice of simultaneous output to 2x HDMI, 1 x VGA and PAL BNC.

Note: HDMI 2 will only output SD analogue and HD-CVI cameras and not IP cameras.

Dual streaming per camera input permitting high quality recording and choice of a lower quality stream over limited bandwidth connections. View live streams on your iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, Smart phones and tablets via a choice of downloadable apps.

Other features include smart video detection and ability to record continuously & on motion simultaneously.

These units are compatible with the Australian made, owned and supported ‘Freedom VMS’, a system which supports all CCTV technologies seamlessly under one platform allowing you to mix newer technologies with older technologies on the same site.

Pentaplex functionality: live, recording, playback and remote access over LAN, WAN, internet or mobile phone. Backup via USB or over the local network via Freedom Client software, or to CD/DVD via Freedom Client software.

PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) Control: more than 60 protocols supported, preset, scan, auto pan, auto tour, pattern, auxiliary function supported.